PEPA releases its Manifesto

The Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA), whose members accredit all energy assessors in the UK, has today issued its Manifesto for the future use of property energy information and advice. The Manifesto sets out PEPA policy for the next five years and also how it will aim to achieve its desired policy outcomes.

Stephen O’Hara, Chairman of PEPA said:

‘with climate change becoming such a dominant global issue, it is vital that every opportunity is taken to reduce carbon emissions. By making our buildings as energy efficient as possible we reduce the demand for fuel, saving both carbon and cost, delivering householders reduced energy bills and increased comfort, and making our economy more productive. Using energy information is fundamental to improving energy efficiency, and PEPA is in a unique position to help Government, businesses and consumers to achieve this through its members and the assessors that they regulate.’

The Manifesto speaks not only about optimising standards in the provision of energy information, but also about extending the remit of assessors to provide energy advice.

Stephen commented further

‘the optimal way of deriving real value from energy information is to overlay it with quality and meaningful advice on how best to achieve improved efficiency and of course, save money and reduce carbon emissions. PEPA has worked with Trustmark on introducing a framework for upskilling energy assessors to fulfil this vital role, and assessor upskilling is now taking place. Property owners and occupiers will soon benefit from receiving expert advice from the energy assessor community’

PEPA will seek close engagement with the incoming Government once the General Election on 12th December has concluded, as well as stakeholders across the board.