Energy Assessors

PEPA has a key role to play in helping Energy Assessors maximise their career opportunities. PEPA members train and up skill energy assessors as well as accredit them and help them with their on-going career development. Many help their energy assessor community find work.

PEPA has lobbied for the inclusion of EPCs into FITS ECO, GD and RHI with success, which has benefitted Energy Assessors with increased work opportunities.

PEPA has a core objective to ensure that there is compliance with the EPBD regulations and that all properties that are meant to have an EPC do so. PEPA has a confidential non-compliance reporting facility available to its members and their energy assessor communities. If you are employed or accredited by a PEPA member then either contact them for a non-compliance reporting form or else click here (document to be provided separately). Your PEPA members will give you the reporting code for this month.

PEPA has reported hundreds of non-compliance matters over the last 12 months and is actively following them up. While we cannot publicise the results in detail we are having an impact and wish to expand this following the introduction of the tighter regulations in April this year.