PEPA Conference 2021, the first online Conference, was a great success!

Thank you to all who attended our first online conference, we have had great feedback including:

I was very impressed with the event. It was well put together and I thought you all handled all the technical requirements very well.”Matthew, Retrofit Co-ordinator

“Thanks for everything! Was a great conference.” – Olly, DEA

“Thanks for a great event!” – Michael, DEA and Retrofit Assessor

“Thank you for a great day” – Billy, Technical Manager

“It was a excellent event with really good presentations” – Bryan, Director

“Many thanks for a very interesting conference” – Tim, Director

We have posted pre-recorded sessions from the conference, see below posts.

You can download the Conference Programme here:

PEPA Conference 2020 – Review of the day by PEPA’s Chairman, Andrew Parkin

As I look back on what was the 3rd Annual PEPA conference, my overriding takeaway was that it was a very uplifting and positive experience.  A call to action even!

We started the day setting the scene, looking back at a positive 2019 and what has been achieved by the industry.  In my keynote, I called out government to give our industry and the energy efficiency sector the certainty it needs to grow and support government in pursuing and meeting its targets. I feel we all need to become more politically aware, and dare I say it, more politically active.  For example, PEPA would like all energy assessors and companies to lend their support to Lord Foster of Bath, whose Domestic Energy Performance Bill, if put into statute, will make it law that all properties will need to achieve an EPC rating of C by 2035.  We should all support this bill and PEPA schemes will be writing to their members to encourage them to do so, via their local MP.

We heard some fantastic presentations from PEPA members about how the industry will change in 2020; we covered the upcoming Part L and F of the Building Regulations, how PEPA aims to hold government to account on poor DEC compliance and enforcement, along with Domestic and Non-Domestic Audit updates.  The new format of splitting into focussed workshops was absolutely the right way to run the day, and one that will be replicated next year.

We had excellent speeches from the likes of Andrew Warren (BEEF), who represents the Energy Efficiency Industry as a whole and from Phil Mason (TrustMark) on how PAS 2035 can improve the Retrofit Industry, with Energy Assessment at its core.  Delegates also received a very helpful and informative update from Dean Wanless (MHCLG) on what a new register can do for our industry and the consumer, and an impassioned speech by Andrej Miller of BEIS whose vision for improving standards in ECO3 and beyond using PAS 2035 was inspiring.

Clearly 2020 and 2021 are going to be big years for our industry.  We need to pull in the same direction to realise what we have been striving for since 2007.  A thriving, growing, achieving industry that can rely on solid policy from government.  Quality and continuous improvement must be at the core of what we do, and the EPC will need to evolve as well.

So, if you attended Conference 2020, thank you for coming.  I hope you enjoyed the day and I hope to see you at our 2021 Conference.  If you would like to read the presentations again, they are available on the PEPA website (

Please do support Lord Foster’s Bill.  Together we can achieve so much.

PEPA Conference 2020

Presentations from the Conference